The first part the Star Maze of the series "Dream Planet" debuts in August 2018.

The book tells the story of a hero, forced to travel through a star maze in search of a life-saving world from his own dreams.



Marcius is a young pilot from the planet Tulona, and he's always been different from everyone else. Ever since childhood, he's experienced overwhelming visions of an exotic world. Many people think he's mad, and he almost starts to think so himself. Deep inside, however, he feels like the visions are somehow important – not only for himself, but for humanity as a whole.    

Paradoxically enough, his sworn enemies the Krameans help him find inner peace. They are a race of telepaths from another planet, a race responsible for the death of his parents. The Krameans are the ones to tell him that his visions aren't a curse, but a gift. He's seeing a living paradise, a planet with plenty water and oxygen, just as all the planets of his home system are on the brink of destruction.




The planet is covered primarily with snow, making it blindingly white. Marcius is a descendant of an ancient military dynasty. He is very handsome, tall, and has nearly white blond hair. His internal beauty matches his exterior. He possesses many good traits, such as kindness, nobility, and bravery.


Krama looks like a red-hot sphere. Dragons inhabit the World. Krameans live in cities shielded by pyramidal domes.The protagonist from Krama is Atla.She is a priestess, and the daughter of the highest shaman, ruler of the Krameans.   Atla is quite talented as well. She is able to read minds, and is very energetic and inventive.


Pacifa resembles a golden orb when viewed from space. The protagonist coming from Pacifa is named Enk. He comes from the very lowest sector, and was born a slave. His development as a character is very interesting to watch.  Enk can be rude and inflammatory, but he has integrity and is kind at heart.


The people of Murie live in an organic dome, because the planet’s natural atmosphere contains very little oxygen, and cannot support the population.  Het is the protagonist that represent the planet in the novel. He lacks the gene responsible for aggressive behaviour. He is incredibly kind and talented.  



Iona resembles a cobweb-wrapped grey ball from space. Old Man Iza is the protagonist that represents this World. Iza is a dangerous spy, he is very knowledgeable, and is wanted, dead or alive, on every planet. He is extremely smart and cunning, and willing to do anything for money. He has a dark secret that he is unwilling to give up.


Lika represents the Oeelians in the novel. She is Old Man Iza’s apprentice. The redhead is literally fearless, because the ability to feel fear was stolen from her at birth. She is very curious and mature for her age.



The Boar represents the planet of Guinea.  He is the captain of the pirate spaceship. He has become corrupt and cruel, as a result of the explosion of his home planet.