The first part the Star Maze of the series "Dream Planet" debuts in August 2018.

The book tells the story of a hero, forced to travel through a star maze in search of a life-saving world from his own dreams.



Marcius is a young pilot from the planet Tulona, and he's always been different from everyone else. Ever since childhood, he's experienced overwhelming visions of an exotic world. Many people think he's mad, and he almost starts to think so himself. Deep inside, however, he feels like the visions are somehow important – not only for himself, but for humanity as a whole.    

Paradoxically enough, his sworn enemies the Krameans help him find inner peace. They are a race of telepaths from another planet, a race responsible for the death of his parents. The Krameans are the ones to tell him that his visions aren't a curse, but a gift. He's seeing a living paradise, a planet with plenty water and oxygen, just as all the planets of his home system are on the brink of destruction.



The act of story statement      

Seven planets find themselves on the verge of destruction due to anomalies within their system's star. The main characters, one from each planet, put everything on the line trying to save their kind by searching for a new world to call home.


 Antagonistic Force: 

The main antagonist for the seven planets is the element itself. Sooner or later any civilization is confronted with the merciless phenomenon of an aging star. This forces all living beings to act urgently, to escape and save themselves. The only mystery is the speed at which the star of the Seven Worlds is transforming. It's evolving much quicker than anticipated, which raises the suspicion  that something more than  the force of nature is at play - something greater, a true enemy of humankind.     

The situation is further complicated by the hostility among the seven planets. Each has its own interests at hand, but only if they act together can the human civilization have a chance of survival.

Seemingly insurmountable difficulty and fear of the unknown can also be seen as antagonists in the story. The main characters, who are in search of a lifesaving planet, carry the burden of trailblazers on their shoulders, encountering numerous unexpected adventures on the way to their destination.


 Primary Conflict:

The main conflict in the novel is the hostile attitude of the seven planets towards each other. Despite the planets coexisting in the same star system for thousands of years, they still haven't found peace amongst themselves. Each of the Seven Worlds had its own historical course of development that didn't coincide with the worldview of the other planets. Furthermore, each world reflects one or another extreme of human development. One planet placed an emphasis on machines and technology, and transformed itself into a bunch of soulless semi-robots.

On the contrary, another planet completely rejected everything artificial, but played around with genetic modification to the point of defiling the precious gift of life, turning their planet into a collection of spineless clones and artificially bred biological monsters. Others went down the path of developing supernatural abilities like telepathy, hypnosis and levitation, but even they failed to obtain happiness, savagely violating their citizens' freedom of choice with the help of the supernatural. Some planets suffer from extreme class division, and others – from military dictatorship. In result, not a single planet has achieved true harmony. However, all of this internal turmoil is overshadowed by the impeding catastrophe.